Except as otherwise specifically provided, any reference to time shall mean local Chicago time. Chicago Mercantile Exchange Glossary

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time time [taɪm] noun
1. [uncountable] the quantity that is measured in minutes, hours, years etc using clocks:

• The company needs more time to restructure its finances.

• The Channel Tunnel considerably cut the journey time from London to Paris.

ˈair time
1. [uncountable] MARKETING the amount of time that a particular advertisement is seen on television, heard on radio etc:

• Banks are now allowed only 375 seconds of air time monthly on each television station.

2. [uncountable] the amount of time that a mobile phone user talks on his or her phone in a particular period of time:

• Cellular customers will pay normal air time charges for the service.

ˈcomp time [uncountable] HUMAN RESOURCES
time off work, which employees are able to have if they have worked extra hours:

• Many workers who have comp time complain about not being able to take it when they need it.

ˈdead time
[uncountable] HUMAN RESOURCES time that is not being used:

• A business person spends 60 hours a year on hold on the phone, but until now little imagination has been applied to using this dead time.

deˈlivery time [countable] COMMERCE
the amount of time that a company takes to get goods ready for delivery, for example the time it takes to obtain them or make them:

• They reported increases in delivery times and unfilled orders.

ˈdown time
1. [uncountable] COMPUTING MANUFACTURING time that a machine in a factory or a computer is not working properly and cannot be used:

• To reduce down time, the designers made all parts modular. Parts needing service can be popped out and quickly replaced.

2. [uncountable] MANUFACTURING time that a factory is not working, usually because there is not enough demand for its products:

• Many companies were planning longer than normal down time during the holidays.

ˈdwell time [uncountable] MARKETING
a calculation of the amount of time people spend waiting for something, such as a train, airline etc, and therefore the length of time they are likely to spend doing things while they wait, such as reading advertisements, buying food etc:

• With airline delays increasing passenger dwell time in terminals, it is in the financial self-interest of airports to serve up appealing distractions.

ˈface time especially AmE informal HUMAN RESOURCES
1. [uncountable] time that you spend talking to someone who is in the same room as you, rather than time spent talking to them on the telephone or sending them an email:

• She's been giving the media a lot of face time since her novel was published.

face time with

• She said that she needs face time with you before you do the presentation.

2. [uncountable] time that someone spends at their job because they want people to think they are working, even if they are not:

• Here we reward performance, not face time!

ˈlead time [countable] COMMERCE
the time it takes to prepare, make, or deliver something:

• It takes long lead times to propose and build new nuclear power plants.

ˌlost ˈtime [uncountable] MANUFACTURING HUMAN RESOURCES
the time when a piece of machinery cannot be used or a worker is unable to work, for example because of injury:

• The number of lost time accidents occurring on site was 14.

ˈnew time [uncountable] FINANCE
the beginning of a new period of time for trading on a financial market:

• The company responded to new time buying, gaining 6p to 360p.

ˈplay time [uncountable] COMMERCE
the length of time that a particular record is heard on radio, used to calculate Royalties (= payments to those that made it):

• Each record is cataloged according to its play time and schedule for airing.

ˈprime time [uncountable] MARKETING
the time when most people are watching the television or listening to the radio, and therefore the most expensive time for advertising:

• The President used prime time television for a brief, personalised appeal to voters.

• Prime time is just before the 8 o'clock news.

ˈquality time [uncountable]
time that is set aside for a particular activity, especially something that is usually forgotten because you are very busy:

• A high-powered career doesn't need to prevent you from spending quality time with your children.

2. time and a half/​time and a quarter one and a half times or one and a quarter times the normal rate of pay:

• You get time and a half if you come into the office on Saturday.

3. double/​triple time twice or three times the normal rate of pay:

• We worked Sundays and holidays at double time.

4. [singular] a particular point in time:

What time is the meeting?

5. [uncountable] the time in one particular part of the world, or the time used in one particular area:

• We will be arriving in New York at 3 a.m.local time.

6. on time arriving or happening at the correct time or the time that was arranged:

• 86% of our flights were on time last year.

• The card rewards customers for paying bills on time.

7. [countable] an occasion when something happens or someone does something:

• The committee meets six times a year.

• Customers resented being charged $100 every time they brought a vehicle in for repairs.

8. five/​ten/​many etc times used to say how much bigger, better etc one thing is than another:

• The stock was recently selling for more than 200 times the past four quarters' earnings.

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time UK US /taɪm/ noun
[U] what is measured in minutes, hours, etc.: spend/waste/save time »

Many consumers spend considerable time researching the best buys for a new or camera.

have (the) time to do sth »

Not all investors have the time to invest directly in stocks and shares.

an amount/period/length of time »

The amount of time small-business managers spend at work has increased

a lot of/plenty of/little time »

Executives often complain that a lot of time is wasted in meetings.

give sb time to do sth »

The Australian IT group has been given more time to raise funds for the merger.

more/less time »

Suggested amendments to current legislation would give borrowers more time to pay back loans.

it takes time to do sth »

Customers using the new system report an 80% reduction in the time it takes to place orders.

over time »

How do you think the market will perform over time?

time and money/resources/energy »

Today's youngsters spend more time and money on personal grooming than any previous generation.

[S] a period of time of a particular type, for example, a period that is difficult, successful, etc.: a difficult/hard/tough time »

Auto makers are having a tough time in a marketplace that is getting more and more competitive.

an easy/good time »

The media group has not had an easy time of late, due to a difficult advertising market and changing viewer habits.

[S] a period of time of a particular length: for a time »

The advantages of low business tax can give a significant boost to economies, at least for a time.

a long/short/extended time »

TV will probably continue to dominate the advertising market for a long time.

[U] time that is used in a particular way or for a specific purpose: »

Most of my time at work is spent in direct contact with clients.


work/free/leisure time

make/take time to do sth »

Don't forget to take time to fill out all the necessary forms.

[C] an occasion when sth happens: at a time when »

Eliminating estate tax would add to the nation's debt at a time when we can least afford it.

at this/that time »

At that time, I had to travel a lot with my job.

the first/next/last time »

Share prices rose yesterday for the first time in over two years.

every/each time »

New ""smart meters"" show how much water is consumed every time a power shower is run or a washing machine is used.

[S or U] the time shown on a clock or a watch: the time of sth »

The time of the meeting has been put back to 11.30 am.


What time shall we start?

[U] the time in one country or part of the world that is different from the time in another country or part of the world: »

The phone went on sale at 6 p.m. local time.

against time — Cf. against time
ahead of time — Cf. ahead of time
all the time/the whole time — Cf. the whole time
at a time — Cf. at a time
at all times — Cf. at all times
behind time — Cf. behind time
in good time — Cf. in good time
in time for sth — Cf. in time for sth
it's time for sb to do sth — Cf. it's time for sb to do sth
keep up/move/change with the times — Cf. move with the times
a matter/question of time — Cf. a question of time
nine times out of ten/99 times out of 100 — Cf. nine times out of ten/99 times out of 100
ten/20/100, etc. times better/bigger/worse, etc. — Cf. ten/20/100, etc. times better/bigger/worse, etc.
on time — Cf. on time
the time has come/the time is ripe for sth — Cf. the time is ripe for sth
time is money — Cf. time is money
time is of the essence — Cf. time is of the essence
See also AIRTIME(Cf. ↑airtime), CLOSING TIME(Cf. ↑closing time), COMP TIME(Cf. ↑comp time), COMPENSATORY TIME(Cf. ↑compensatory time), DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME(Cf. ↑daylight saving time), DEAD TIME(Cf. ↑dead time), DELIVERY TIME(Cf. ↑delivery time), DOUBLE TIME(Cf. ↑double time), DOWNTIME(Cf. ↑downtime), DRIVE TIME(Cf. ↑drive time), DWELL TIME(Cf. ↑dwell time), FACE TIME(Cf. ↑face time), GMT(Cf. ↑GMT), LEAD TIME(Cf. ↑lead time), LOST TIME(Cf. ↑lost time), NEW TIME(Cf. ↑new time), PRIME TIME(Cf. ↑prime time), STANDARD TIME(Cf. ↑standard time)
time UK US /taɪm/ verb [T]
to plan the time at which an activity or event starts to happen: »

Timing a buy or sell recommendation well is often partly a question of luck.

be timed to do sth »

The bid had been timed to give the company a head start over their rivals in the venture.

perfectly/well/badly timed »

Their launch of an international property fund looks to be perfectly timed.

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